Supporting Clan Henderson Society

Now $3300 raised for Clan Henderson Society

We have partnered with the Clan Henderson Society (primarily USA based) and to date have raised over $2000 from sales of our custom masks which feature our reproduction of Ancient Henderson tartan and the Clan crest. The funds go to the Clan Henderson Society Scholarship Fund.

In the USA the masks are priced at $15 and $5 from each sale is donated back to the fund.

We have a great opportunity to support our scholarship program through the purchase of Clan Henderson Society masks. The masks are constructed using the Clan Henderson Tartan material with crest. The masks are $15 each (+$5 shipping and handling), $5 of which goes to support the Clan Henderson Society.

The Clan Henderson Society is a non-profit that focuses on key areas, including: to foster Scottish culture and activities, promote Scottish Festivals and Games, and foster fellowship and friendship.

The Clan Henderson Society exists as a society of Scots-Irish heritage for descendants of MacEanruig (“son of Henry”) and any and all who support the Society’s objectives and purposes. By convening at Scottish Games and Festivals the Society helps recruit new members. Since April all games and festivals have been cancelled so the Society was missing a major source of new revenue to keep the Society operating.

The Society issues various types and amounts of scholarships for Celtic Arts and Music, academics, and performing group donations. 

The masks are stocked and available from Clan members (contact in the USA or from this website. Shipping is available to most countries.