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Antiviral Reusable Washable Ayrshire Face Mask Sales Scotland

Are you looking to find a company who sells face masks in Ayrshire with designers related to Ayrshire? Fantastic! We are a local Ayrshire based Face Masks business. Selling a wide range of antiviral, easy breathe and active mack masks for both adults and kids/children.

Selling masks in Ayrshire and Australia 

We reach much further than Ayrshire, we have been selling masks since the COVID 19 pandemic began across Scotland, the UK, Europe and as far as Australia. 

Keeping people safe

It’s now our plan to continue to help people locally in Ayrshire and across the rest of the UK and the world to stay safe and protect others when they are out shopping, travelling and to abide by their local government rules and regulations. 


Custom Design
Face Masks Scotland

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Viroblock Masks

This 3-part mask is engineered for performance, tailored for comfort.
Now with filter pocket and filters.

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Active Masks

The Active face is a perfect all-round mask but ideal for brisk walking, running, cycling or participating in other sports.

About FXG Masks
Scottish Saltire Manufacturers of Scotland Flag Face Masks

FXG products are part of the successful Foxglide Sportswear brand.

We specialise in creating fabulous designs using the very latest sublimation textile printing technology serving happy customers in over 24 countries. Our printing departments are supported by a highly skilled sewing and finishing team.

The Foxglide product range includes t-shirts, softshell jackets, hoodies and fleeces for a range of sports including curling and cycling.

Our design and production skills have been transferred to our range of face masks products.

Black Protective Face Masks Scotland & UK
Funky Design Triangles - Protective Face Masks Scotland & UK
Funky Design Triangles - Protective Face Masks Scotland & UK
Lips Funny Design Face Masks Uk & Scotland

Stay Safe & Protect Others

One of the biggest reasons we wear masks is to protect others. And when they wear their mask they are protecting you!

As a face masks supplier, we want to help support the Scottish Government and the people of Scotland as much as possible when it comes to the supply of high-quality protective face masks and face coverings.

Our masks have been designed and manufactured with a great deal of thinking and planning behind them so that we know you have the best masks on the market.

Choose from our Basic Masks, Children’s Masks, Active Masks and our biggest seller the Viroblock Masks.

Easily Washed & Maintained

Our latest range of face masks is of the highest quality reusable material giving you the perfect wearable option that can be washed daily or after a trip to the shops simply and easily.

Orders being Shipped Daily across Scotland & Worldwide

We are committed to getting our orders shipped out on time each day to make sure that the Scottish people are able to cover up their faces before visiting the local shops, GP surgeries, bus stations, railway stations and airports.

Think Smart with Multiple Masks

Most of our customers have been buying multiple face masks so that when the other masks are being washed or dried they have spare to wear when in public.

Many different Design & Styling Choices

We have a wide range of face masks giving you the customer the choice of multiple different designs, styles and colours to suit your mood or uniform for work.

Face Masks for Kids & Children

We even have a range of face masks designed to to fit kids. Our range is ever-growing with new designs coming on board each month.

Stripes Design - Protective Face Masks Scotland & UK
Monsters - Kids Protective Face Masks Suppliers Scotland & UK
Robots - Children Kids Protective Face Masks Scotland & UK
Hearts Design - Protective Face Masks Scotland & UK
Kilmarnock FC Killie Protective Face Masks Scotland & UK
Celtic FC Hoops Protective Face Masks Scotland & UK
Children's Unicorn - Kids Face Masks Suppliers Scotland & UK
Rangers FC Retro Protective Face Masks Scotland & UK
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We’d love to hear from you if you have a question or want to speak to us about a custom order using the information below to reach out. 

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