ancient henderson

Easy breath, triple layer ancient henderson tartan face masks from Scottish brand exporting to all countries.

A presentation of the classic Ancient Henderson tartan with tones of greens and yellows. Engineered and applied to our triple layer HeiQ Viroblock face masks.

Scottish brand FXG (Foxglide) have carefully designed face masks or face coverings which stop then spread of droplets from your nose and mouth and help prevent the spread of any virus including coronavirus.

The masks are fully washable, which is good for the environment and for best value for money.The HeiQ Viroblock has been tested to be effective for a minimum of 30 washes. When any virus lands on the mask the Viroblock technology immediately works to ‘kill’ or eradicate the virus

The outer and inner layers are made using a tightly woven polyester which has a soft feel with maximum comfort next to your face. These layers are treated with  HeiQ Viroblock which has been proven to kill the virus which causes Covid-19

To reduce any dust or fibre particles the fabric is cut with the very latest laser cutting technology

The middle layer is a removable filter, with options of lightweight non woven filter or heavy black filter. The black filter is is 100% wool and can be washed

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