Glasgow Ice Centre


Since the closure of the Summit Ice rink in 1998, the city of Glasgow has been without any ice rink facility for sports such as Curling, Ice Skating and Ice Hockey.

The recent closure of the dedicated curling rink within the Renfrewshire Intu Braehead retail facility and the future uncertainty of the arena (home of Glasgow Clan Ice Hockey) at the same venue leads to an urgent requirement of a dedicated ice sports facility within the City of Glasgow.

The Glasgow Ice Centre project aims to raise funds, work with key partners and deliver a world class facility for all ice sports which will be suitable for hosting curling events, professional ice hockey and skating for all levels and abilities.

Working in partnership with the Glasgow Ice centre we have designed and produced a custom face mask. With every purchase of one of these masks FXG will donate an ice shattering £7 to their project.

The masks are available on our website here

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Further information on Inclusive Skating can be found here

Supporting Clan Henderson Society

Now $3300 raised for Clan Henderson Society

We have partnered with the Clan Henderson Society (primarily USA based) and to date have raised over $2000 from sales of our custom masks which feature our reproduction of Ancient Henderson tartan and the Clan crest. The funds go to the Clan Henderson Society Scholarship Fund.

In the USA the masks are priced at $15 and $5 from each sale is donated back to the fund.

We have a great opportunity to support our scholarship program through the purchase of Clan Henderson Society masks. The masks are constructed using the Clan Henderson Tartan material with crest. The masks are $15 each (+$5 shipping and handling), $5 of which goes to support the Clan Henderson Society.

The Clan Henderson Society is a non-profit that focuses on key areas, including: to foster Scottish culture and activities, promote Scottish Festivals and Games, and foster fellowship and friendship.

The Clan Henderson Society exists as a society of Scots-Irish heritage for descendants of MacEanruig (“son of Henry”) and any and all who support the Society’s objectives and purposes. By convening at Scottish Games and Festivals the Society helps recruit new members. Since April all games and festivals have been cancelled so the Society was missing a major source of new revenue to keep the Society operating.

The Society issues various types and amounts of scholarships for Celtic Arts and Music, academics, and performing group donations. 

The masks are stocked and available from Clan members (contact in the USA or from this website. Shipping is available to most countries.

Masks to be worn on Public Transport

Mandatory to Wear Masks on Public Transport

Various lockdown measures are being lifted across the United Kingdom as COVID-19 infection numbers have dropped. But as some restrictions are eased, new compulsory rules have been put in place.

As more businesses have reopened their doors, people are relying on public transport to get to work. Due to the expected increase in passenger numbers there will be some new regulations and guidance. Starting on 15 June everyone on public transport in England will be required to wear a face covering or mask. All passengers on trains, buses, trams, coaches, ferries, and airplanes must wear a face covering.

Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, told the BBC last week that face coverings are “a condition of travel.” Passengers that refuse to wear a face covering will be fined. Face coverings are to cover the nose and mouth. These extra precautions are needed to help protect the population against coronavirus.

Wearing face coverings in public is not yet mandatory in Scotland. But First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said in the daily briefing on 5 June that the “very strong advice is to wear a face covering when in shops or public transport” for the general population.

In a briefing last week Nicola Sturgeon said “I strongly encourage people to do it [wear face coverings].” There will be many more vulnerable people out in public again. Wearing face coverings is an easy way to help better protect yourself and others. Assume you have COVID-19 and are asymptomatic – wearing a face covering and keeping 2 metre distance will greatly help keep you from infecting others.

Wearing a face covering on public transport is especially beneficial since it may be difficult to keep the recommended 2 metre distance from others. Passengers should do their best to maintain physical distance. They will feel more assured with the added protection of wearing a face covering.

by Sarah Hobday, MBCI, CBCP Business Continuity Professional

Scotrail train

Information on the Importance of Wearing a Face Mask.

Face Masks – Get used to wearing them.

by Sarah Hobday, MBCI, CBCP Business Continuity Professional

As more and more businesses are opening back up so comes the requirements for people to wear masks. Many businesses are requiring customers to wear face masks to be permitted to shop in their stores. In April, the US Military mandated the wearing of cloth face coverings for everyone on the installation and in all of their buildings, to include office buildings for civilian staff. Airlines have also begun requiring that people wear masks on their flights.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put out guidance on the importance of people to wear cloth face coverings. The US Military and CDC use the term “cloth face coverings” in place of “masks” to help dissuade people from wearing surgical masks or N-95 respirators unless they are in a medical setting. The CDC says that surgical masks or N-95 respirators are critical supplies that need to be used only by healthcare workers and medical first responders.

COVID-19 research has shown that a large portion of infected people do not show any symptoms (they are “asymptomatic”). Individuals can also transmit the virus to others even before they are symptomatic. Coronavirus spreads between people in close proximity to one another through respiratory droplets from speaking, sneezing, or coughing. When individuals wear cloth face coverings they help greatly limit the chance to spread the virus.

Numerous governments (both national and local) are beginning to also encourage, and in some places, require people to wear cloth face coverings/masks. “Wearing a mask could literally save someone else’s life,” Virginia Governor Ralph Northam told the Richmond Times-Dispatch in May. Health officials encourage people to wearing cloth face coverings since you never know who you could be infecting, this is especially true for asymptomatic individuals. “That face covering is really the barrier between my respiratory droplets getting on to you and infecting you with the virus and vice versa,” Berrien County Health Department’s Gillian Conrad told WNDU news in early May.

Wearing cloth face coverings is important in areas where physical distancing cannot easily be maintained (e.g., public transport, grocery store, pharmacy, office building). Physical distancing remains very important in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and the addition of individuals wearing cloth face coverings/masks will slow the spread even further. Please do you part and wear a cloth face covering and practice physical distancing.

Sarah Hobday works in Virginia, USA. She holds current certifications with the Business Continuity Institute and Disaster Recovery Institute International.